We all like to know we are in safe hands

 logoWe are a longstanding locksmith with years of experience under our belts, we have locksmiths working day and night 24/7 to bring you some of the highest quality locksmiths in the industry, we have locksmiths based on all aspects of the industry – Safes – Cars – Common Door Locks – High Security Locks – Key Cutting Services and much more, we really are one of the most flexible and effective locksmiths. We have trained operator on the phones to help you when you need it.

We work every day – year round so you wont ever be left without a locksmith. We have trained operators manning the phones day and night to bring you the highest quality locksmith service in the industry! With arrival times of just 30 minutes and no call-out charge we make the perfect locksmiths for any situation whether its commercial or residential – emergency or non-emergency, call us no matter! We can deal with it all!

Securing your home

Here at Locksmiths your security is our main concern! We have dealt with a wide variety of break-ins, so we urge the public to take action into securing their homes.Banham Lock

We provide a handful of locks that are very high security. For example – Our Banham locks are very high security, which come with a range of security bonuses such as anti-pick and anti-bump! And we can install these locks the same day! So just call Locksmith Bromley today to speak to one of our trained locksmiths who can book you in for any amount of lock changes! Whilst our high security locks are more expensive than the standard locks, there is no price you wouldn’t pay to keep your possessions and your loved ones safe!

We work year round for you not even taking Bank holidays off.

A great team helping you keep your business secure

team who brings the locks and security you needOne of the things which we as dedicated and devoted practitioners in the area of security that our team have trained especially in, is that of business security. If you are currently seeking advice or if you are looking to make sure all your bases are covered and up to date with recommended current industry security standards, why not get in touch with your team to help you out. Here we are always happy to take your call, and happy to arrange appointments around your busy day.

This means, you can call us at any time to discuss your situation and what it is that you are looking to get done.

The great service team here doesn’t just take into account your specific scenario, the area of which your office, shop, workshop or other is placed, but also listens carefully to your wishes and preferences. Each situation has specific security needs and that is something that the team here is highly aware of. If you are seeking the expertise of someone who has been in the area for many years and who have helped many customers to the security standards they are after, you will find such experts here.

Call your  service team now to find out more, to book in for a security inspection of your area, or to simply book in for the specific service or requirement that you have. Rest assured that this recommended service team is always ready and waiting, and always keeping your best security interest in mind. Ask any of our previous or current customers, we are in it for the long run, and we always aim for customer relationships that will last, and so we provide products and services of high quality, also to last.


A team dedicated to training and service

team here for youFor the team here good service is something that is a must, and what makes it can be summed up by a few pillars of practice which the team here follows. Dedication being the most important one.

For all the team at this service are highly focused and dedicated, of course to you as the customer and the work that we do. And the greatest testament and embodiment of what we do, is simply the great work we perform, always with you as the customer in the centre, informed, aware and in charge.

Our work is how we validate the passion we feel for the field of security, most prominently though the services we provide to you. If you would like to know more or if you are in need of booking in for any of the many services provided by this trained service team, please feel free to call now.

Fast and easy car lockout assistance

at your service with your locked in keys issueOne of the most commonly known scenarios, labeled as typical and experienced by many is one which many have had first hand experience with. Hearing the click, or feeling the door shut behind you as your hands close it out of routine accompanied by the feeling realising dread that your keys are still inside.

A scenario which your emergency locksmith service are very familiar with due to having met and assisted many people in this scenario throughout the years. If this is something similar to what is just happening in your world, don’t hesitate to call us now.

Quick and professional service is always available here from a friendly and understanding locksmith service, and if your keys are on the wrong side of that locked door, whether it’s for your car or your home. The dedicated bunch is here for you all day, every day and you can get a hold of this fabulously efficient and equipped professionals easily and expect assistance immediately.

But it’s not only the great emergency lockout service which has earned this locksmith the great reputation they have. It’s the quality of service, products and understanding of our customers current needs. Call now for help in your urgent situation or to find the day to day products and services you need from a dedicated team with the skill, experience and merits which make them your best choice for the job.

Secure your shop with a lockspecialist

shutters for businesses Ensuring the security of your business may be one of the most vitally important parts of being a shop owner. Physical protection for your goods as well as financial protection though keeping in line with the security standards on your insurance policy.

This area can no doubt be a tricky one, especially if this is the first time you lay eyes on it. However fret not, you can get in touch with the locksmith at any time to get your questions answered and your confusion cleared up. Everything from night time shutters, to central locking systems and advice on security is available here from a group who has the experience and the training to know what is right for you.

On top of that the workers here hold a profound understanding of security factors, meaning that we see just how important it is to ensure that security solutions are individualised and that the protection that is put up is actively effective and applicable to the situation.

So if you are searching for help with the security for your shop, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the professionals here. With this trusted and long running locksmith you simply cannot go wrong, here we find the ideal solution for you together with you.

Call now for more information or to book in for the service that you require, choosing this lovely team for all your home and business security need is a choice you will not regret.

With countless of recommendations and a history filled with merit our work validates itself.