How does a master key system work?

How does a master key system work?

To consider having a master key system, or a master skeleton key system installed bares many benefits. It’s especially great if you are someone who need to manage access levels at work. But it’s also applicable to many home or residency situations.

What a master key system is. Is a door locking system that enables different access keys. The higher level of access. The more doors that specific key can open. There is what is called a master key, or a grand master key in all master key systems. This specific key opens each door which is part of the system.

master key systemsThe type of lock used most commonly in a master key system is called a tumbler lock. This type of system also comes with certain types of risk. Especially with the loss of important keys. It’s important here to have a good system in place for keeping accurate track of them.

If you are having a master key system installed. It’s important that your staff, your colleagues or your friends and family. Who will carry keys. Knows about the importance of keeping the key safe. And quickly report it should it be lost. Or a great security risk becomes present.

There is the option of having a full new system installed. Or you can have your present locks re keyed to accommodate for it. Working with existing locks. Means they have to be of the same make and model to be able to match the keys up.

If you have questions or need further assistance with information. Or installation. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our wonderful crew today.

If a skeleton key system is not what you are looking for. There are also many electronic and magnetic locks which work under the same principals. And give you the same freedom of access distribution.

How does a magnetic door lock work?

A lock operated by a magnet. Also called an electromagnetic lock or maglock. These are powered by electricity and come in two common forms. Fail safe, or fail secure. This means that in case of a power failure the lock either opens (fail safe) or stays locked (fail secure). It may sound a dangerous situation that a lock shall be engaged, lose power, and then stay locked. What if there is someone inside of it. What if the oxygen runs out?

Truth be told, there are very few situations in real life as the ones made familiar to us via hollywood films. Although there are risks with a magnetic lock, they don’t overtake the risks which any other regularly used lock presents.

And on the other side, there are a wide range of great benefits to making use of a magnetic door lock.

So how does an electromagnetic lock or maglock work? One part, the magnet, is attached to the door, and the other part to the door frame. Just like other locks. When the door is closed the pate and the door attachment touch, and the electric current acts to keep the lock secure.

magnetic locks for your doors or windows at home or at workThe pressure and force which these magnetic locks and withstand is impressive. Between 250 and 500 kilograms of pressure is the regular range. And a considerable amount of force is needed to disengage it when armed. In many high security situations a back up battery is also supplied to ensure there is security engaged even if a power outage happens.

Whether or not a magentic lock is right for you is something our professionals are happy to discuss at any time. Feel free to give us a call now or when you have a few spare moments. Most commonly you find magnetic locks within workplaces, however there are many instances of home use.