Lock Services.

What it is we do

We deal with a range of services, and here is where we will go into detail about exactly what it is we do for you.


On Lock fittings we always carry a selection of locks in our vans to meet any requirements you desire, some of the types of locks we carry in our vans are:

  1. Yale Locks – These are your basic household locks usually found on a wooden front door, when the door closes this type of lock will enable a latch therefore locking the door when its closed, this can also be used on an interior door; for example in a houses share.
  2. Mortise Lock – Another standard lock usually found on most british houses, your standard deadbolt lock; requires a key to open on both sides but we can fit a thumb turn on the inside which is good for fire safety and easy access to get out of your room quickly.
  3. UPVC Euro Lock – This is your standard lock on a upvc door these type of locks, whilst they will do the job they are more prone to being broken into, whereas with an anti-snap upvc lock people cant use the techniques they would use on a standard euro lock.
  4. Banham/Ingersoll Lock  – These are one of our highest security locks we have – Slightly more expensive than other locks but why compromise the security of your home or place of business.

On Lockouts – On each lockout we will go to we will attempt to pick the lock, this is easier on the medium security locks – e.g yale/mortise/euro lock, however if you have a high security lock, e.g banham/ingersoll we will try our best to pick it but there is a chance of having to drill and replace the lock, this isnt down to a locksmiths skill, some locks are anti-pick which makes it near-impossible to get open with a pick.

You can also call upon Locksmith Bromley if you are ever in need of getting a lock fitted/replaced urgently, our 24 hour emergency lock service is available all day, every day of the year so we can suit your needs. Here at Locksmith, we understand the stressful situation that is not being able to open or lock your door, especially if you’re in a rush or having a busy day. And this is why here at Locksmith, our team is always ready, so note down our number, and should you ever be in need of a fast, efficient and trusted locksmith, you can call our team for any job that you may need, be it lock fitting, lockouts, lock fixes etc.

Lock checks with your trained locksmith service

helping you with any lock requirementThe team here would like to bring to your attention a fact which in our view should be much more widespread, as homes across the county are at risk needlessly. The vast majority of UK homes today stand without the proper protection against burglary, though having low grade locks which can quickly be bypassed by someone who knows the right technique. Ensuring that you have the right type of locks and security features installed at home is something which is a simple procedure, just get in touch with your knowledgeable locksmith service now, and book in for a lock check performed by a trained professional. One that knows what the current proper protection should look like for all your entry points at home, including windows and conservatory entrances and exits.

In booking in with your friendly locksmith service team you will in addition to ensuring your lock safety at home, also have available the eyes of a skilled professional who knows home security risks when spotted. No doubt a security inspection and lock check will leave you in a much more secure way, and advice on any concerns that you may have is something that your locksmith service team are always happy to share.

Should it in the lock check be found that some or all of your locks are in need of replacement, the team here remain diligent in stocking high quality products and parts which mean that you can have installation work done straight on the spot, saving you from hassle of arranging it in the future should you wish to have it done. Any good home security solution today start with the locks that you choose for your doors and windows, so ensure that you have the right kind by getting in touch with the right locksmith service provider.

A locksmith team who understands locks, and who understands you

lock specialist teamTraining has been had in vast quantities by all the team members where who have a close to fanatic interest in locks, keys and locking mechanisms. If you get in touch with us for your needs, you will have all the skill and knowledge of this wonderful locksmith team at your disposal, and as if that was not enough. By choosing this wondrous team you will also have great prices on services and products which are both up to date and expertly chosen for your specific situation.

A most vital part of what makes up good, or even great workmanship is the well of knowledge within the service provider. Applicable knowledge, practical knowledge, knowledge which could only have come through many years of listening, learning and experience. Experience in both in theory and in practice. Your locksmith service team’s love for locks have taught us to be great listeners, not only to the issue at hand and to locks, but also to our customers, the people which we feel is a privilege to assist on a point so important as security. The point of security which this locksmith service team has seen grow even more important over the last couple of decades.

If you need an expert who will listen to your lock and security concerns, ring this lovely team today, and find exactly what you need. Security is never a thing to be forgotten or overlooked, the devastation which can be caused to anyone’s life by forgetting, or neglecting a small investment to keep home, house, family and business safe, which will safeguard you against a bad scenario would indeed be a tragedy. Call on your locksmith service team today to find the help you require.

High security locks and deadbolts from your lock expert

Door locks of all kinds to keep you secure Get in touch with someone who knows locks and who is trained as a security professional to ensure that your home or your business is as protected as it need to be in the harsh world of today. High security begins as many great things, at the foundation. With your locksmith service team you can create a great foundation for a good security solution where you life or where you work. In the base of each security structure, there is always great locks for the entry and exit points. Doors and windows are in their ideal of the high security type which are resistant to physical attack.

If you suspect that there are doors and windows in your daily life which are not meeting the proper security standards, get in touch with the team here and you will be able to find out briefly. You will also be able to book in for a quick upgrade, installation or replacement for the places where you need it. The locksmith team are always stocked on high security locks, and with a good selection of high quality locks which suit many situation you can have your lock upgrade sorted by the end of the day. Deadbolt lock installations, security door installations, security bars and security gate installations are also available from the experienced team. If you know what you are after, get in touch at any time and your quick locksmith service team will have the job done in a swift and professional manner.

If you are unsure and need some assistance with your choice of upgrade, feel free to call us at any time to discuss it, or to book yourself in for a locksmith security check, in which all the locks at site will checked thoroughly to ensure integrity and efficiency.