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There is a wide variety of security systems out there today, and in order to give you better idea of how one of the most well-known and commonly used systems work, here is a video with gives a good overview.

Your team cares for your security, and the reason we recommend this video is due to the fact that many of the features which are included in this security systems are similar to that of other systems, meaning parallels can be drawn.

In the view of this skillful team this video can serve as an outline to get a basic understanding of what constitutes a good security system.

Feel free to have a watch though it and if there is anything that you are wondering about or any services that you need a professional expert to assist you with, all you need to do is pick up the phone and dial the number here.

Your service team are great at finding intuitive and suitable solutions which are applied to your particular security situation. And in mind there is a row of factors, all playing their part in making the greater whole, from geographical location and terrain, usability, budget, customisation and much more. You can expect only the highest level of quality from this diligent and hard-working team of fine and interested individuals.

Alarmed padlock for your garden shed, storage or greenhouse – Simple security from your

For avid gardeners and repair types who like to keep their tools safe and locked away in a shed, you have to make sure they are safe. Here at we would like to take the time and let the public know that thieves will sometimes go for the garden sheds, because that’s where you keep all your machinery and tools are kept that can be worth quite a lot of money when sold, it would also raise less suspicion than breaking into a house. So, we would like to make sure youAlarmed Padlock provide a proper lock for your shed, storage or greenhouse.

We recommend making sure that the brackets that are used for hanging your padlock on your shed and/or greenhouse are properly fixed onto the frame and wont be easily broken into. We would also like to suggest for you to buy for your sheds, is an alarmed padlock.

This type of padlock will sound a very loud siren sound if the lock is being tampered with, and this will allow you and your neighbors to be warned if there is an intruder in your garden attempting to break in, allowing you to take action (call the police) as well as scare off the intruder.

Fake/Mock CCTV surveillance


Trying to find the best ways to fully secure your home is not always the easiest task, and this is why are always here and happy to help give you best advice to suit you and your property. So, today us here at Locksmith Bromley would like to give you the tip of a great approach to your home security that’s been tested as one of the most efficient and a very cheap option with little maintenance required to assemble. In this case we’re talking about pretend home security/home surveillance. By this we mean using fake,yet a believable looking monitoring equipment. The reason we advise this is because, whilst it may be fake, most burglars wont take the chance if your home is “properly” secured. There are many options on the market that will be able to deter any potential burglar from your home. And this is also a much cheaper option than having a full security system installed and takes a lot less energy and time. We also recommend actually seeing the product before buying it so you can judge for yourself that it looks realistic.

Some helpful tips to not get yourself locked out from a professional.

Now, sometimes being locked out from your home is to no fault of your own, the lock could suddenly stop working, you could lose your keys or even snkey Holderap the key in the lock. But quite often than not, people are locked from their home because they leave their keys inside the house.

With your we would like to bring up a few points to help you not get locked out. The first point is to have a good spot to keep your keys so it becomes a routine to pick your keys up from that location and place them there when you get home, this will lessen the risk of losing the keys in your own home! The second is to leave a spare set of keys with someone who you can trust, possibly a relative who lives nearby should an emergency arise, you would be able to get a spare set of keys to you fast and not have to spend money calling out a locksmith!

Small business security

Do you have a small shop, manage a property for a small/medium business? Or even a family run business? Then get in touch with your expert who can help identify weak/easy targets on your building as well as giving you ways to improve your business’s security! We can help make sure you have all your bases covered when making sure your building is safe and secure.

With us we can help with security inspections, advice and any lock installations so we can leave your business with a high standard of security. We will always put your security first, which is why we only stock British Standard quality locks, so we can leave you, your professionals and your products as safe and secure as need be. You can get anything from locks to alarm systems and monitoring, and more from your Locksmiths. Feel free to get in touch with member of our friendly service today!

Lock repairs and new installations with an experienced service.

You should always keep a number ready for a locksmith service who is close, trusted and a reliable company to come to your aid if you’re ever in the need of something we here deem important for everyone to have. Which is why we would like to stop your search for a quality locksmith right here. We are dedicated to building long lasted customer relationships which are dedicated to you, it is of high important to use here at ours. The team here are always ready to provide you with the most excellent service in the industry. That means that when you call upon us to be your Locksmith all your lock requirements will be met to the highest of standards.