When is it time for me to change door locks?

When is it time for me to change door locks?

Up to date looks, installed to perfection and ready to withstand attack is of course one of the best and most basic methods to keep safe. But when is the time to change door locks. The recommendations out there vary, and different professionals state different time scales.

This is due to the fact that there is no such thing as the right time to change door locks. It’s always good to stay up to date, and your security rating will be at a peak a little while after you’ve given your home some security love.

when should I change my locksThe time that our technicians, who have many years experience in the field, would advise. Is every few years, given that you make good up to date choices for the lock installations that take place. If you need help, advice or if you would like for us to simply come and do it for you. Feel free to get in touch at any time.

The situation changes a little when you are dealing with a new home. Here the security situation is always shaky and you never know what is in place. Or what locks have been updated, or where the keys for all the locks may be situated. In the case of a new home, the time to change door locks is before you’ve moved any of your things into it.

Our seasoned professionals have met with people who have been planning to change the locks. But their busy schedule for the house move got in the way. Half way though the move, before residence was taken up and nights were spent there. Burglaries happened.

Another time in which it is vital to have door locks changed. Is when you feel it is time. It may sound a vague notion. However, when you feel it’s needed. Likelihood it is. Human intuition works well here. If you feel unsafe or that your home is not up to security standard. The time is right to get in touch with an affordable, friendly and local professional. Who can help you bring your home and your future to a more secure standing.