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Did you know the most common type of break in is on a UPVC door and if you haven’t checked the locks on your UPVC door then you could be at risk of the same type of break in? For this method called “lock snapping” a burglar doesn’t even need a specific skill set or specialist tools which is why it’s so scary. However with the fitting of Anti Snap locks that move the vulnerable point of the lock away from the mechanism, which is where it is on a normal cylinder lock. It moves this vulnerable part to the front of the lock so when the thief tries to snap the lock a harmless chunk of metal will snap off but the important parts of your locks remain intact meaning trying to snap this lock to gain access to a property is futile.Your local Locksmiths of Bromley fit anti snap locks for you at a competitive rate so you don’t have to play chicken with your safety or your personal belongings.

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